Thursday, June 4, 2009


Wednesday nights at Camp Fortune are race nights, that is every second Wednesday. Last night was a fun ride, no suffering required . . . still, to get to the top for views like this you have to hurt a little. Got to ride with a few guys that I don't normally have the opportunity to ride with.

Matt on his rigid Niner and baggggggggggy pants.

Co-owner/operator of Tall Tree Cycles, Will . . . all blurry cause he was riding so fast (crappy camera).

Kent, co-owner/operator of Phat Moose Cycles, expressing on his Xprezzo that he was done like dinner after climbing up Flanny's/Brians.

Cooked. It's nice to see that he can put himself into the recovery position without help and before he passes out.

*Shawn was also riding with us, but I never got a shot of him. Next time Shawn.

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Kark said...

cool. Kent is my new riding partner. The last shot of him he's going exactly my speed!