Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cheap-ass Truing

I've always wanted a good truing stand. It's been one of those things in my workshop that I'm missing - one of the last things (along with a torque wrench and headset press) that I need to have a complete bike workshop.
I can get a wheel close just by eye'ing it, but I find it easier to do this:

Two great things about using a Popsicle stick:
  • 1) you have to buy a Popsicle (or Fudgesicle) and eat it, and
  • 2) it's cheap as chips.
Mmmmm, chips.
Albeit, it's not as precise as a proper truing stand, but when you're a cheap-ass like me it does the job.


jvk said...

Nice! I usually just use my finger and get it good enough for the next ride.

You're caveman genius.

Anonymous said...

I just use the brake pads...
who the hell wants to spend 50+ dollars on a trueing stand when that could buy a whole shit load of all you can eat sushi!

Same goes for weight wieners.
Man, if someone is down to the gram... take a crap before racing or start getting rid of extra skin or even better... loose a nut etc...

there comes a time when cycling gets strange.
When I first started cycling, we use to cycle with someone that raced. He'd go get collotamies.
Who in their right mind would want a tube shuved up their ass in order to get rid of left over food. Let it simmer... letting it simmer makes for some great stink bombs... while racing, release, reload,

Golonghardman said...

That seems like a good idea BigLing

Peter Keiller said...

i find it best to light the opposing end of the stick on fire.
it adds a much needed sense of urgency to the truing process...far too many people are content doing a good job, taking their time...BOOOORING.

the original big ring said...

Caveman indeed jvk - i just don't smell as good.

difficult to true a wheel with discs Jeff, so the popsicle is the next best thing - keep your stink bombs to yourself please

richard - me so smrt

petah - or why even bother truing at all? loser

CB2 said...

But I prefer Klondike Bars, will they work?

the original big ring said...

yes, they work . . . after eating them, go buy a popsicle, eat it and use the stick. two icy yummy treats

Anonymous said...
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