Friday, July 9, 2010

Wet Snotty Injury

Hooked up with Fritz and a few of his buddies and did a nicely paced, technical ride of the trails at the north end of the park last night.

As the group rounded the corner and the top of the climb the skies opened up and let loose on us with a heavy downpour which soaked us to the bone. +42 degree humid weather - the rain was most welcome despite making the trails wet and slippery.

Grey, dark skies opened up on us off and on throughout the ride. Getting higher up we had the lightening CLAP very close to us a few times.

Broken chain.

Ted on a gnarly rooty, rocky wet down.

Another injury to add to my injury/illness prone season.
Towards the end of the ride my front end washed out on a slippery, greasy root. Got my left foot out and tweaked my ankle pretty badly.

Had a real tough time sleeping last night. Swollen and sore.
Having a hard time walking on it. Off to the hospital for an x-ray.


Kark said...

you want me to bring over my super fantastico mega brace?

rick is! said...

good lord dude. time to hang up the bike and get yerself a rascal or something.

CB2 said...

Ouch! That's gotta sting!