Sunday, May 6, 2007


Not much to say about today . . . . nothing exciting happened. Got on the bike around ten to nine and headed towards Manotick. Looped back into town and swung by Mark's place to try and entice him out for a ride but he wasn't home. I decided to go home and fill the bottles and grab a bite to eat before heading over to the Gats for a loop. Idea was to put in about 120km today.

Got home. Started shooting the shit with Rick (working on my bathroom) - had a bite to eat and filled my bottles, then got the JAMS - Just Ate Must Sleep. So, that's what I did . . . . really lacked any mental toughness to head back out to do some more miles. No excuses, t'was a beautiful day - I just felt like having a nap.

Got up after a while, went to Home Depot with Rick to pick up some more supplies. Don't fool yourself in thinking if you ever start a renovation that "I've got everything" at the start . . . . you don't. Got back, ate some and then headed out for my second ride - over to the Gats this time.

Final mileage was 127km for the day - average heart rate around 156bpm.

Tomorrow is the first race at Limerick this season, put on by the Endo Mtn Bike Club from Brockville. I'm going to head down and "hide behind my single speed". If I was smarter and took my training seriously I'd take a pass and recover from two days on the bike to prep the body for a couple days of hard interval sessions. BUT, I'm doing this for fun (it's supposed to be fun!) and I want to support the boys from Limerick.

Race report tomorrow. Cheers.

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