Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rides and anticipating

BIG weekend of riding planned. Not only is it a long weekend (Victoria Day next Monday), but it's the last weekend of long training rides before the 8hr at Mansfield. The park opened this past week, so I will be hitting it for back to back days on Saturday and Sunday - long, well paced rides.
The new 29'er isn't here yet, so one day will be on the SS and the other I'll probably lighten up the Titus and take it for some geared fun. Who wants to come along and suffer beside be for 5-6 hours each day? Fun Fun Fun!
Was hoping that I'd have the Magic Carpet Ride for at least one weekend of training before the race. Hopefully I'll have it for the race - what a way to do a shake down ride - 8 hrs of racing! Whoot!


gwadzilla said...

I got lucky and raced my new Jamis Exile 29 SS in a 12 Hour Relay
it held up

but it is risky business having only ridden that bike for a few hours in the week or two before the event

the original big ring said...

Yeah, not sure it's a good idea either. It's a fairly tame course. Hopefully will be able to get out on it for a couple hours on Wed or Thurs.

Jamis eh? How was that?