Thursday, August 30, 2007


Fat is beautiful.

So I'm starting to feel like on the mend & upswing out of the depressed state of affairs that my head has kept me in the past few days. Funny how a little race and my less than stellar results of the race this weekend can have such a profound affect on my mental well-being.

I think I learned a whole lot from this race. And thank you to everyone who posted supporting comments and sent e-mails (all unnecessary, but appreciated) trying to cheer me up. Chris has had to put up with me moping around the house the past few days - thanks Chrissie for you support and love.

I'm still fat.

But that's okay . . . . for now. My lumpy body is a little under-toned, so a little saggy maybe?! It's hard to keep up on core body strength exercises during the race season. And honestly, I lost motivation - too many other things have gotten in the way - you know, stuffing my face, sitting on the couch in front of the jumping box, napping the summer away, etc.

Time to move on. Who's in for some more naked bike gear reviews?


Unknown said...

God damn dude I've been waiting for some ass:)


gwadzilla said...

here in the east the Clydesdales tend to be 200 and up

I hear that some races in the west go for 220 and up

I am 230 and up

I hate lining up with a 190 Clydesdale

I fear that will happen this weekend

but I am not going out to defend my Clydesdale status at the SM100

I am going out to finish

if you are faster than me

I will give you a thumbs up as you pass!

they weigh you at the finish line
so if you are claiming Clydesdale
Chris Scott is gonna call ya on it