Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gatineau Batineau Night Loop

Brrrr . . . . that time of year. Temperatures in the evening are getting noticeably cooler, the leaves on the trees up in the park are starting to turn, light is fading faster. I feel a little sadness that the summer is over, but the door is opening for my favourite time of year.

Just got home a little while ago from a road ride with the curvaceous MacNab and the Vegan Vagabond (a.k.a. Grabby McGropes-a-lot). We figured that we were going to need light towards the end of the ride (and we did), so we donned our helmet lights. Not 'proper' roadie edict, hence the snubbing and stares from all the skinny riders. Meh . . . .

It was a fun loop of the park, laid back and with the usual silliness: sprints and giggles.

I left Mark and Tanya at the parking lot and started my ride home along the river that would lead me across Champlain Bridge to Ottawa, then home along the bike paths. On my way home, by the river, despite the cooler temperatures, my HID picked up lots of bugs out in the darkness flying around. Where there are bugs near water, there are usually bats. No exception tonight - tonnes of the little guys. It was just before I headed over the bridge that I picked up a traveling partner for a piece of the ride home.

Right at eye level, about a little less that an arms reach in front of me, a little bat swooped in to my beam light. I figured it was going to dart across or away from me like all the other bats diving this way and that way on the path as I rode along. But this little guy stood his ground and stayed just in front of me for about 25-30 metres. It was really cool! You could see his fury body, his ears, this feet and legs tucked up behind him and his wings beating madly.

It reminded me of that movie/documentary that was done a few years ago about the Canadian geese following around an ultra light (I think it was called "Fly Away Home" ?). I didn't have a chance to get used to him being there before he was off chasing bugs again.


Anonymous said...

that's just batty . . .

Anonymous said...

hey CB...I've had the same experience on my many frequent night rides through SMH - these little guys will actually fly (ride?) off my wing for quite a while and pick off snacks in front of me as I travel down the trail - its pretty good company when solo at night! TTYL - PJ

gwadzilla said...

Winged Migration has that flying with film angle

well worth a look

bats are cool

I need to build some bat houses

often before bed time me and the boys get on our third floor roof deck and watch the bats feeding on moths and ohter insects

if they only ate mosquitos