Monday, September 10, 2007

Kingdom Trails Road Trip Vol. 2

Another fantastic weekend riding in Kingdom Trails, East Burke - Vermont. A couple early bike sacrifices kept the bodily injuries away from the group (except for Hannah's swollen baboon ass at the end of the ride on Sunday).

Scott was good enough to break a seat post and wheel. Steve chipped in with a broken pivot axle/bolt. Both mechanicals didn't keep the boys out of the riding very long at all - Scott rebuilt his wheel with a $15 rim and Steve lucked out when the bike shop had a replacement kit for the Santa Cruz.

Good times as always. Pictures tell the story. . . . .

Swooosh! Fast, speedy rider on buff, flowy Vermont trails (Moose Alley).

Faster than Stef's car - we're number one! I think Tanya was calling Stef's group "Losers!"

You can't visit Kingdom without stopping at Miss Lyndonville's Diner.

I don't know what the hell Hannah is doing to Mark . . . . did Stef know this was going on?!?

What's with my expression!? Blair witch?
Nope . . . . Miss Grabby McGropes-A-Lot "accidentally" getting a handful of rectangle.

Speaking of rectangles . . . .
Lenny's small'ish rectangle . . . . some men just weren't created equal I guess.

Magill Fields tight pace line.

Group shot with Burke Mtn in the background.

Steve leading across Loop towards Bemis.

Stef catching some 29'er air on Poundcake.

Pierre zipping down Old Webs

Multi burst shot.


Hannah said...

We didn't call you losers. I thought it WASN'T a race. Besides we BEAT YOU THERE SUCKERS!

Baboon ass healing nicely thank you.

great pictures! Why is Mark so happy in the tent- oh i know HE wasn't getting attacked...

Roman Holiday said...

VT - what a great state. I ate breakfast @ the Ms. Lyndonville's Dinner way back in 1981. My high school buddy's family had a cabin up there.

gwadzilla said...

vermont is awesome

it has been a few years since my last trip up there

before the kids my wife and I went up there a mess of times

now as an adult with a straight job there are less vacations