Monday, September 3, 2007

Naked Wingnutgear Review

Ever since I began mtn biking seriously about seven years ago, I always used a traditional hydration pack, like a Camelback. I've tried and owned various sizes and brands - they've all basically fit the same and provided the same sort of utility.

I've been testing Wingnutgear Hydration packs since March. For the past two months, I've been specifically been using a Hyper 2.5. This is a very unique, intelligently designed, and extremely well built. The Wingnut uses a low-rider harness design which is fully customizable and easy to set up. Want the pack to sit higher, no problem. Lower, you got it. Easy to do.
You can also see the compression lacing system so that you can carry extra gear/clothes on the outside of the pack. The bladder compartment sits behind (close to your back) the large, main pocket. It is easy to get the bladder in and out. There is an opening on both sides of the reservoir for the hydration hose to come out, letting you choose what side you want to run the hose.

The pack sits low and allows you upper back to breath. Pockets on both sides are easily accessible without having to stop while riding or taking off the pack. This is such an advantage while racing!
The pack is not cumbersome or bulky. The side pockets help hide those unsightly love handles too!
I'm often asked how I like it. At first I had to stop and think because you hardly know it's there.

Some older reviews, on other sites, had a few complaints about the mouth piece and amount of water that flowed. I, personally, had no issues and liked the mouth piece. It never leaked and I didn't have to suck to get the water to come. The hose routes under your arm. The bladder is easy to clean and fill as it has a large opening (you can fill it with ice if you like).
*one con of the pack is you must buy, from Wingnutgear, the bladder separately. However, other generic bladders could work just as well.

The mesh pockets hold A LOT of stuff - I usually carry a couple bars, a gel or two, a chap stick. etc. on one side and my camera in the other, with plenty of room to spare. You can see the fully waterproofed zippers above . . . . in these pockets I usually carry my tools, first aid stuff, etc. The side pockets are totally accessible and easy to get in/out of while on the move. They also wrap around your waist a bit and provide extra stability.

I've always found my other hydration packs bounced around on the technical trails. On a night ride, with a full bladder of water and some gear . . . . I would feel unbalanced. This pack is super stable and feels like it becomes apart of you while riding.

The sternum strap is comfy. Smart design has an integrated whistle in the buckle. Note the mesh shoulder straps. On one side, in the front, they've built a very smart pocket to fit a gel flask or cell phone - quick access.

I can't imagine going back to a traditional hydration pack. With how well made this pack is, I may never have to. Get yourself one, you'll be happy you did.


Hannah said...

nice tan lines!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the damn pictures... THANK YOU!!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

I can't see them either! Do I need 3-D glasses to see it or something?

This post is a big tease.

Matt Spak said...

UMMMMM I'm just totally lost for words.

gwadzilla said...

I have already seen too much

I never asked to see your hydration sack!

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whats your finger smell like?

Anonymous said...

Oh my eyes...

the original big ring said...

You know you love it . . . stop your whinning or no more naked reviews!

Hannah said...

so who TOOK the pictures craig?

Unknown said...

I love it:) So classy:)


Anonymous said...

That's a wicked pack!

Nice bum by the way . . .

Unknown said...

you know, i actually had a terrible experience with wingnutgear. Here's the email I wrote Scott. I have yet to receive a reply. The short version, though, is that the workmanship is crap and this is not a durable pack.

"Hello, Scott

I took delivery of my Adventure Pack yesterday. I was very excited to open the package. I have to say the features are fantastic and well thought out, however I was sorely disappointed with workmanship.

The product was basically defective right out of the box. I expected better for $145. The small straplet inside the gusset for the water bladder fell off as soon as I opened the gusset. I assume it was never really sewn on securely. So I thought, "Hey, no big deal, I can rig up a quick fix to hang the water bladder on," which I did with a tie-wrap. That worked okay, then as I was loading the sidewing pocket and the zipper came undone. not the zipper itself but the water resistant coated fabric on the side of along the path of zipper came undone from the body of the backpack. Again this seems to be a problem with your workmanship. The parts of the pack simply are not sewn on strongly. How can the pack be waterproof if the zipper can't even stay closed! Do you even inspect the packs before shipping them? All I had to do was open the water bladder gusset to see the straplet on which to hang the bladder fell off. If it had only been the straplet that was faulty, I would have excused it but the seaming along the zipper convinced me that this backpack is about tough as a tissue. I can't ride with something like that.

I'm very unimpressed by the quality of your products and I would like a full refund, including the shipping. This has been a tremendous waste of time. I needed a backpack now, not later."