Thursday, September 6, 2007

Random Stuff

Rear tire psi poll results are in. I can't seem to draw any ground breaking conclusions from it . . . . 30 votes, most folks run between 45 & 30 psi. Personally I run my 29'er rear tire at about 27psi. There you have it.

New poll next week - stay tuned, there's an ass involved . . . . and it's not mine.

Got out for a road ride tonight to loosen the legs for the weekend. Did a nice Gat loop, got snubbed by some roadies, temps were hot and humid. Haven't ridden this week since Sunday when Mark tried to rip my legs off while on a road loop of the park. We both agreed that it was the fastest road ride of the year. We aren't roadies, so our land speeds are pretty lame, but we maintained between 18.5 - 19 km/hr up Pinks.

It's been a busy week with starting back to school. Kids have been pretty good, so far . . . honeymoon period. I'm sure I'll have my hands full by the end of next week.

Heading out tomorrow to Vermont for a weekend of riding Kingdom Trails - second time this past month. Can't wait to get on some buff trails with some good friends.

So, will be off-air until Sunday or Monday (pending on how tired I am from the weekend).
Have a great weekend.

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