Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Fortune Ride

Beauty day eh to ride in the Gats. A sunny, cool 20 degrees made all the climbing pleasurable . . . . or at least as pleasurable as climbing can be.

Met up with Lenny, John, Tanya, Stef & Hannah for a nice easy paced ride on some ski hill single track. A little greasy in spots, but overall the trails were in great shape.

John climbing up a technical section on Brian's.

Allez allez allez Tanya!

Hannah, Tanya and Stef on the quad over looking Fortune.


Who's the tool with the double chin?!?

Haven't ridden Brian's Trail in nearly four years. It was a lot of fun, especially coming down the new trail, Black Bear. Fall is my favourite time of year - I'm looking forward to getting back to Fortune a few times this season. I always forget how much fun it is to ride there.

*my camera crapped out and couldn't get a shot of Lenny, again. You should have stuck around, I was able to get a quick few shots out of it later on.

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