Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I recently received this e-mail in regards to a bike that I have up for sale over on Check this e-mail out. I couldn't help but suspect something was wonky. I've added my own commentary (in red) to this letter.

How are you doing ??

Grace and Blessings to you, Great, a bible thumper. My Uncle will be celebrating his birthday very soon and i need to buy him this bike as a surprise birthday gift . Lucky uncle! Mine are lucky if they get a card and even luckier if I even send it.

I saw the advert of your bike and i was pleased with the description, I am willing to pay your final asking price of $3,000 for the bike, i think it is fair enough. Not even a dicker, haggle or swoggle?

I will not be able to come to your location to view it due to my current location, what the hell does that mean? but i will be relying on the pis pis? not sure if I want any pis cos i just moved out of Indianapolis are you sure you didn't move out of Timbucktoo cos' you can't spell! on a Volunteer relief mission to United Kingdom. relief mission to the UK?!? What the f*ck?!?! Didn't realize that the limieys were in need of relief! Haven't heard of a little place called Darfur? the flooded areas of Uganda? orphans in Cameroon? Yep, I sure bet the Poms will be happy to see you - waiting open armed at the airport whenever you arrive to save them from fish & chips & beer.

I will instruct my Financial Assistant to issued out a Cashier Check/Money Order drawn in United State you're from the US and you can't even spell United States with an "s" at the end?!?! and will surely clear in your bank without any delay and Payment will include the money for the bike + the shipping cost and other paperwork.

Therefore, there will be an excess funds on the payment, Cos i insisted to make the whole payment out at once, because you're just generous like that? I would have liked my wife to handle the payment and shiping aspect , but we are both presently out of town hence i am requesting your assistance. You have a financial assistant and a wife who takes care of your money and things?!

All you just need to do is to deposit the check in account and when the funds clear from your bank, deduct the funds for your bike and the excess funds would be sent to the shipper as i would instruct later.

I would like to state clearly that this bike will be shipped to Uncle's final destination and I have a shipper who I will designate to pick up the bike for shipment at your location, So you should not bothered with any shipping arrangement...all shipping duties and taxes will be handled by my shipper when he comes around for pickup. Let me guess, it'll go on the 4:30 autogyro?

Your details shall be forwarded to my Financial Assistant for immediate payment issuance as soon as i receive your mailing address so Your FULL NAME, CONTACT ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER should be forwarded to me so that payment can be made out to you.
Oh please, let me also include my bank account number, passwords, social insurance number, combination to my lock at the gym and the location I keep my secret stash of chocolate bars in my house.

Awaiting your honest response soon.

Yours Sincerely.
James D, N.
(*I was kind enough to leave out this guys last name - though I doubt it's the senders real name)

I'm guessing this arsehole doesn't have the first clue about bikes or that English is his first language. I don't know why he picked me . . . . alas, it was a good laugh at his vain attempt to sucker me in, spam me or get personal info out of me.

Funny thing is, I received pretty much the exact same e-mail about a month ago from someone trolling another mtb board.


Hannah said...

This scams are pretty regular if you have something for sale. I had received a few before. I usually report them to which ever board i happen to have posted to.

Be suspect of any "financial goodies" some one may offer you.

I had even received on from ebay saying something was up with my account. I chatted with ebay and found out there are scams around there too...

Matt Spak said...

Now the really funny thing is some people actually fall for these things. You should reply to it.
Raig Bartlow
12 Imacrazy Lane
Oatawa Lontario
613 555 1234

Anonymous said...

Jebus wants you to tell ME where your secret chocolate bar stash is.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly believe that there could ever be a chocolate bar in our house that is "stashed" somewhere other than Craig's stomach??? This is Craig "Chocolate" Barlow we are talking about . . .

Papa G said...

Take the money, keep the bike. See what happens!
I too have a chocolate stash!


MCF said...

A good laugh indeed.