Monday, October 15, 2007

Doozy Bruisey Day 4

Four days after the first injection. The doctor is doing the leg in sections - the upper first. You can see the veins to the left. Fugly.
Not to be outdone . . . . Peter sent me a picture of his little bruise. I'm finding out that he's a tad bit competitive - good to know before BC next June.

Apparently it happened in a figure skating competition - him and his partner (male) collided whilst doing a double salcow, followed by a tricky double toed lutz.

Don't worry . . . their sequenced outfits weren't harmed in the accident.


Anonymous said...

I *was* a decent figure skater back in the day...

That bruise came as a result of hauling a 250 pound opposing defenceman (Hooky McHook his name was) a few dozen metres down the ice. My hip adductors aren't supposed to get fat dudes on them.

We'll compare battlescars at the end of the BC race. We'll let Anthony and Mark be the judges. I warn you, Anthony might not be that objective so you might want to send a little TLC Mark's way if you want even a chance for a tie.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Peter, I loved your sliding scissor move! Anyone who hasn't seen it -

go to 3:25 to see the move or watch the whole clip, very funny!

Anonymous said...

nice sequence!