Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jedi Mind Tricks

Beauty day yesterday was.
Riding was primo.
Acorn fights a plenty.
Rest breaks many.

Unknown rider's, on unknown trail, attempting his first vertical-like-climb.
Super steep, super steep . . . . it's super steepy.

Second attempt. A little further.
Use the force.

Third attempt. A little bit further.
Hard it may be, do is possible.

I gave up taking pictures after this one, I was laughing too hard. Unknown poacher went on to attempt this wicked climb two more times. Each time getting closer to the top. On the last attempt he was only one bike length away from making it. No matter how hard we tried to use Jedi Mind Tricks to convince him to do it again, he wouldn't fall for it.

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Anonymous said...

looks like the 28...nice pics