Thursday, October 11, 2007

Legs like a nanna

I could be a model in a geriatric hosiery catalogue.

Not my legs . . . . but that's what one of mine kind of look like. Yep, I've got varicose veins. Today I went to a clinic to finally get something done about them.

They've caused problems for me in the past: pain, swelling, restlessness, scaring and some pretty close calls with cuts/bruising while riding.

Today was the start of multiple injections that will completely shrink them. I'll be pain free, not apt to clip them and cause any bleeding or hemoraging while in a cycling accident, and have much better circulation.

Only problem is that after each injection I have to lay low for five days - I can walk and do light exercise, but have to avoid anything too strenuous on the legs. Tis' the season to get the body fixed up.


Anonymous said...

Hey C, I hope all went well and we'll see you soon!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Hope it works Craig!

the original big ring said...

Cheers Lenny and Tan.
Went okay. Lots of bruising.