Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pomp You Op

"Bonch of gurly mans . . . . that's what you are!"

I've started going back to the gym the past few weeks. I use eat, sleep and breath in the gym while in university - whether it was training for hockey or rugby, I was there. That was up until the time that I found the great outdoors.

Since then, I've gone through stints where I would go to the gym on a regular basis, usually in the fall or winter months. I decided to start back to the gym this time for two reasons: get ready for xc & skate skiing this winter and also to strengthen the body for next year's race season. I didn't do enough strength training throughout the year last fall/winter/spring. The only work I did was after spin class with Instructor Gille or whatever benefits I got from xc skiing.

I'm focusing on high rep, proper form and core strength. I have to remember to stick to the plan because it's really easy for me to get carried away and pack on the muscle - which is easy for me to do. And it's not the sexy, sleek, body builder type muscle. More like chunky, thick, bulky, farm boy muscle - not what you want if you want to speedy up those climbs.

Some hate the gym. Some find it a necessary evil. I really don't mind it and look forward to seeing some results.


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