Saturday, November 24, 2007

Almost ready

Got the waxing bench all set up and am in the process of taking off the protective summer layer of soft wax (keeps the skis from oxidizing). Have been going through my waxing info as a refresher. It's been since March since I was on my skis and have had to wax. I've got three pairs to do, so it'll all come back to me pretty quickly.

Waxing skis is an art and a science. Each year I get a little better at it.

Needless to say, the bikes have been put away for winter. I've got a lot of friends who ride the trails once or twice a week during the snowy winter months. I just can't get into it to be honest too much stopping and starting. I'd much rather be working out on the skate or xc skis - it's an excellent cross over sport and a full body workout. If I get out three or so times a week and am on the trainer that much, my cardio doesn't pay the price.

Am keeping on eye on the ski reports and will likely be up in the Gats tomorrow.

With the snow fall, Jacks has been nutty! Berners really come to life in the cold, and especially so in the snow. He'll be seven years old next week, but you wouldn't know it his puppy like energy.


fritZman said...

Here's another option for those w/o skis or who are waiting for more snow.

'Snowshoe Running' with poles makes a KILLER workout.

Best of all, because of the cushioning effect of the shoes and snow, it's super easy on the knees.

Zero wax or groomed trail required.

I got two outings this weekend in the fields around my place and am exhausted (so is the dog).

I'm using Havlick sprinter shoe with collapseable touring poles.

Roman Holiday said...

I'm still waiting for snow. I need to move further North one of these days. Enjoy the white stuff. And yes, "snow running" is the cat's meow.