Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spinning with the Taliban

Well not quite the Taliban.
Headed over to Warren's this afternoon for a two hour training session on the trainers. Great to catch up - talking riding, bikes and training. Warren has become quite the 'roadie' over the past few years, leaving mtn biking behind him (that's how we met) to become a road machine here in Ottawa and Ontario, for that matter.

Earlier in the week, when the weather look like it was going to be nice for riding outdoors, he suggested that we should get outside for a ride. Glad that we opted to stay indoors - he wasn't able to drop me!

He gave me lots to think about and use this winter that will certainly help out with my upcoming race season. Thanks again Warren! Will have to do this again soon.

Two hours on the bike and two sweat soaked handkerchiefs later.
Avg. HR = 153 bpm for 2 hrs of riding.

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Anonymous said...

what Craig didn't tell you is that when we attacked the group on the final climb up the Col de Ambiance Drive, he provided a great draft, then we unleashed an attack that left the rest of the peleton in shreds, on our way to victory!

thanks man, it was a great afternoon, 2hrs went by SO much faster.