Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Training

Got out and up into the Gats for 2.5 hours yesterday with Gilles, Stef, Tobin and Dr. Kim. Probably skate skied steady for two of the hours, point five hours spent bullshitting and getting lessons from Dr. Kim (thanks by the way John!) Tough ski keeping up with the boys - but I am glad I went. Just like cycling, you become a better skier by skiing with better skiers/riders. Sorry no pics.

Today, went over to Mark's place for a trainer ride. Good day to do it too with temperatures dropping to minus twenty-one degrees celsius. The plan was to duplicate Mark's marathon ride on Thursday and get three hours in.

Doing his best Pantani impersonation.

I can't see the difference.

Just trying not to get dropped.
Killed some time watching 24 Solo - if Eatough and Gordan can ride themselves into the ground for 24 hours, we should be able to sit on the trainer for a few hours.

Just before the two hour mark - my arse was starting to get sore at this point.
Ended up with 2.5 hours, average HR = 153bm.


Anonymous said...

Whaaat.... indoors?

You know the BC bike race is actually outdoors eh?

Grab one of those undies from your previous Popsicle post and start training your body to work in extreme weather.

While you "men" were indoors spinning because it was too cold outside, I was actually putting my MEC underwear to good use for a 75 minute gravel ride.



Unknown said...

damn that plate of food on thee side bar looks yummy....I so tired of oatmeal....I want some fucking bacon, fried tattors, fried eggs.....mmmmmmmm:)