Sunday, February 24, 2008

Afternoon ski

Yesterday afternoon Chris and I drove up to Lac Phillipe for a little ski, just to loosen up for our night snowshoe that we were doing with Siobhan, Mark and their friends from England (sorry, no pics of the snowshoe).

Trails were in great shape yesterday, despite the rain we had last weekend. The sun warmed the trails , so soft wax was the flavour of the day (ended up using Swix special purple).

Chris does her best Holywood pose.
Never skied this trail over near Lac Phillipe.
Easy loop around a big knoll from the P19 parking lot. Lots of animal tracks everywhere:
deer, rabbit, coyote and fox, lynx or bobcat, and I even think I
found a wolf track (could have been a wild dog).

We had to stop by Stef & Hannah's to pick up some snowshoes for Dave & Corena and saw this weird sign on their road:

Despite living in Canada, and despite even living in Ottawa where there is a tonne of French, I can hardly speak a word. I can read a little . . . . but I was left at a loss over the translation. So I checked in on Babel Fish Translation and here's what I got:

"attention has our children it is perhaps it yours"

Whacked! I don't get it. Yeah, I get the gist of it, but it's the picture! Man, that's disturbing. Poor kid only has one shoe and ripped clothing, a bad hair cut,
is obviously drunk and sleeping in the street. Sign should read: "Neglectful parents".
Crazy Quebecois !

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Anonymous said...

"Pay attention to our children, it's perhaps yours", but even if i'm french I don't understand what they mean.