Monday, February 25, 2008


I was looking for a piece of paper work tonight. Went through my old ammo box that I store all my bike & bike related receipts in. The above pile is just about half of it, and that pile sits pretty high. I haven't thrown out one receipt since getting 'heavy' into the riding scene. I was tempted to add up all the totals. What a daunting task that would be and I'd need to take at least a day off work just to tabulate it all up. It be scary to think of what I've spent since 2000 on bike stuff. So I shredded them before Chris could see them all.


The Evil MGE! said...

just don't let her get a money manager program. Tabetha can tell me how much down to the last penny I've spent each year on riding. Damn atm cards. Course she hasn't seen the few hundred or so in cash tips that got spent in addition. She doesn't read your blog does she?

Steve Perkins said...

I just keep saying that I sold some other parts or frame to pay for the new stuff and that it practically covered everything. That's also why I never bring her to the bike shop or bike show...too much scrutiny.