Saturday, February 16, 2008

Packed Saturday

I got out early this morning for a classic ski. Was on the trails at about ten to eight. It was cold, but the trails were immaculately groomed with the Keski starting at about 9am.

Burma was double track set (which it never is) for the classic race. Racers doing the 53km race would pass on this trail.

A little video from Burma this morning.

Shilly Shally in the morning sun.

Kilometer 31 of 53.

The parkways were deserted this morning. Guess most people were racing. I passed only seven skiers in the two plus hours that I was in the park.

Might have been the cold temperatures keeping people away. It was -20 degrees celsius this morning. Frost face.

After my ski, got Jackie Boy out for a good walk.

Later, Chris and I hooked up with Gilles, Melisa and the kids for a skate on the canal. This is the last week of Winterlude and you could tell - it was packed!


LennyG said...

Nice face frosty!

PJ, Tam and I went out last night... it was cool but not cold. Pete took us on some back country trails which was a first for Tammy and I. Those silver dollar size baskets on my poles were something else out there! :o

Let's hope this rain doesn't trash the trails and that we have a few more weeks of winter.. (I can't believe I just wrote that!).

PJ said...

Cool vid CB...sure glad we got out Sat night b/f the rain...conditions in the park were fantastic...the back country trails 9, 11 & 12 were perfect (good laughs as we all took turns bailing into the deep powder - Tammy was the best at it!)...Keogan was packed when we stopped for a snack...even a bunch of winter campers in the lot...anyway, I'm with you guys - lets hope mother nature doesn't end this too soon!

emilio canales said...

like, what is the snow for you? i mean... well this footage is just great! lets leave it there