Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dumpity dump

When is it going to end??? Is there no end in sight?!?!?

We got a huge dump earlier this week (29 cm) and now the weather dude is saying that the biggest snow storm of the year is upon us. Between 40-50 cm of snow is to land on the nation's capital. We're very close to setting a new record for snowfall.

Spring is looking further and further and further away.

The only thing that's keeping me going is the team's road trip down south next week. Man, oh man . . . . dirt under the wheels is going to feel so awesome. I haven't ridden outside since mid-November! Four months of sitting inside, on a trainer, spinning and going nowhere . . . . serenity now! The sixteen plus hours of driving (both ways!) is going to be easy, the hard part will be coming back home, only to ride inside for probably another month.

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Anonymous said...

Hey we might see you down there! We are heading down on the 20th for a week. Staying around Table Rock. Keep an eye for a female cyclist struggling up the hills under the weight of her Winter 10 (pounds)!!