Monday, March 31, 2008

Ride and break down

Just playing around with Map My Ride. Haven't quite figured out how it all works just yet - distance isn't accurate at all, but you get an idea of the route I took.

Yesterday I planned on three hours of riding yesterday. I got just a little over two hours in and just on my way back into town and I have a mechanical that would finish my ride for me. Luckily for me it happened right at an intersection, across from a gas station - so I was able to call Chris and ask her to come pick me up. I was waiting for the light to turn at an intersection and my freehub wouldn't engage. It would spin freely forward as it would backwards. It's pooched. You get what you paid for. Just last week I picked up the used rear road wheel from a guy in town. Was cheap, and I hoped that it would get me through the next few weeks of wet, salty roads - until I can bring the Desalvo out.
I spent the better part of tonight putting a replacement freehub on. Tomorrow more rain, but Wednesday looks good to ride!

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