Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spinning and spun out.

This weekend provided lots of opportunity for me to sit on my ass and do nothing . . . . nothing but spin. Saturday was an eight hour (12pm - 8pm) charity spin session put on at Cyclelogik. I managed to put three hours of intervals on last night. Had good company and familiar faces around me. Three hours was only a fraction of the time that Peter put in - he did the full eight hours solo, the only one to do so - crazy bastard! (I'm sure a post will be in order over on Big Ring Racing in the next day or two)

Every hour a new spin instructor would appear, who was fresh faced, ready to rip your legs off you and beat you with them. By the time I got off the bike at 8 pm, my legs had been adequately worked.

This morning came early, with my regular three hour spin session at the school planned. Report here (clicky clicky). I was feeling unmotivated, partial physically (put in over 10.5 hrs spinning inside on the bike this week) and partially a mental drain that I've been experiencing with some managerial woes that I've been trying to sort out for the team. I ended up only doing an hour and a half or so and opted to get off the bike to goof around while the other, more disciplined, riders fought through the workout.

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