Thursday, March 20, 2008

A storybook road trip

Every year this trip south gets better and better. Eight of us made our way to Asheville, North Carolina to ride until our legs fell off. Our trail guide for two days, The Goat, did his best to help make that happen.

We rode four days straight - in order:
  • First: from Turkey Pen - Squirrel Gap and some God awful stream trail (North Mills River - really, it was a mistake to take that trail!)
  • Second: a few hours at Bent Creek
  • Third: from the Fish Hatchery (see Jeremy's report here)
  • Fourth: Dupont
This trip had all the elements of of a good story:
(to see the rest of them on my Flickr account - clicky, clicky)

brave riders
Group at the end of the airstrip (day four).

a car dancing narrator

paths that would lead our fearless riders towards their quest
(check out almost the exact shot last year)

taking care of our trusty steeds

tales of love
(some bike lov'in not sure of what the end product would look like,
but it would sure as hell roll over everything in sight!)

Anger and villans
(Edna the evil librarian is not *really* a villan)

acts of hero'ism
(can't wait to see the video clip of this!)

daring drawbridges to be crossed

treacherous & ferocious rivers (or moats) to get feet wet

feats of strength and skill & logs crossed in single bounds
(some actually made it - not me!)

Supermen to fight . . . .

. . . . super monsters

And nipples! (not mine)


gwadzilla said...

great shots from what looks like an epic journey

I could use an epic!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Are we gonna play the 'name that nipple' game or what? That's a tough nipple cause its pretty standard. I only know its not Gilles', yours or mine...
hmmm my guess is Lenny or Peter.