Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend thoughts and r a m b l ings

Depression: Since coming back from North Carolina I am finding it very difficult to get back into training mode, the snap is missing, the zeal is gone. Partially due to the crippity crappola weather we're having - we have more snow on the ground now, at the end of March, then we've had in all the winter months of the past three winters combined. My mind finds itself replaying the memories of the wicked trails I rode, wishing I was back there. The more I ride there, the more I am learning to like climbing.

Ride & Ski: I was hoping to get out for my first road ride this weekend - looks like it's going to happen tomorrow (high of 3 degrees celcius and sunny!), but today it's just to windy and cold. I am contemplating heading over for a skate ski in the park. I haven't skate skied in over a month, so it's going to hurt. It's not the hurt that's keeping me from going, it's the hate-on that I have for winter and anything remotely related to it. I think that when I get home from the ski that I am going to put on a heavy layer of wax on all the skis and put'em away for the season - I'm done with skiing.

Stable is getting emptied: Looks like the Titus has found it's new home in NFLD. It's going to a good guy who is really looking forward to riding it and sounds passionate about biking, so that makes me happy. I'm not getting what I expected/wanted for the bike - however, like I said, it's going to a good home and I need the money to beat down some bills.

More Doom and Gloom: This leaky roof/house issues is going to absorb all of the sale money from the bike. So out the window goes all my hopes of building a 29'er single speed. I really wanted to ride the majority of my races (I had been even contemplating riding SS of 24 Hrs Solo) - after riding down in NC almost exclusively in the same gear I'd run in single. I feel confident that I can maintain it and do better mashing the pedals than I do spinning.

The past couple of weeks I've had a bike company (not telling who, but they're outside of North America) interested in maybe sponsoring me. That seems to have fizzled out for some reason - haven't heard from them and looks like they're no longer interested. They probably looked through the blog a little too much and saw what they were getting - some slow, fat guy who likes to take his clothes off. Can't imagine why that'd scare them off?!?! Seems to me that I'd be the poster boy for any bike company (read sarcasm into this statement).

Rambling is now turned off.

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Roman Holiday said...

My house has a flat roof, so I am always dealing w/ leaks. It's like living on a boat. The joys of home ownership.