Thursday, April 3, 2008


Days are longer, so are the shadows this time of day.

Weather guy said it was eight degrees today. Sure didn't feel like it on the bike. Had a headwind the first half of the ride. Nice coming home though, just flying.

Ditches are filling with water, snow is starting to melt. Who knows when we'll be on the trails or even road riding in the park?! I can't let myself think about it too much - gets too depressing.

This little river is still pretty frozen.

On my back into town, I came down Prince of Wales, then on to Fisher, then I cut through Experimental Farms. Saw this guy kite boarding in the fields. It was pretty cool to watch. The wind was blowing at a good clip, so he was really moving.

All-in-all it was a pretty decent ride after work. Saw my first robin of the year - they must know something that we don't. Lots of Cdn geese in the sky too.
Kept my heart rate in my muscular endurance zone, did some interval work, and practiced my pedal stroke with some one legged intervals. Legs felt snappy even having done a 'hills' spin class last night.


Unknown said...

Little bit longer and you'll be picking mud from your teeth. no more snow just warm sunny skies and plenty of open trails to explore.

the original big ring said...

I'm trying to find some of that optimism Hilton . . . I really am . . . . as I type, it's snowing outside (rolls eyes). Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be nice and highs of 15. Whoot!