Sunday, April 13, 2008

OBC Paris Roubaix

Peter swung by the house this morning around 6:30am and we made our way out to meet up with Fritz at the Almonte Community Centre to get registered for the race. The parking lot was full of roadies mostly sporting light, fast CX machines. We got a few looks as we mounted our mtn bikes, rolling on big knobby tires, trying to get warmed up in the frigid, windy morning.

The race (wasn't advertised as a race - but don't tell that to this guy who, by the way, came second) had a 1.5km neutral start in which we followed a parade/pace car out to the start for 8 am. Instructions were given, and we were off. The race was pretty much uneventful, no mechanicals (though Peter did drop a glove and a chain - not at the same time though), no injuries.

Country side was rolling. Don't believe Fritz if you go on a ride with him and he tells you there's no hills. It was all rollers with a few long'ish, sharp climbs. It was actually a very pretty route that we rode; an excellent training loop. The biggest factor, if you don't count the cold temperature (freezing), were the soft, wet dirt roads. Some were like peanut butter. Messy to say the least.

Fritz, me and Peter.
We finished after about 3hours, plus or minus (just waiting to get the stats from Peter). My heart rate was racing in my highest zone for much of the race. It was an excellent workout for sure. This race has only given me more reason to have a cx bike - the 1x9 mtn bike with 2.1 tires on it worked great - however, I am sure that I could have ridden this course WAY faster with a cx bike.

I am 100% certain that I made the right decision and skipped the Icebreaker this year. I got a much long course, a better workout, didn't have to hump the bike through slushy snow and ice and didn't waste time and gas driving west. Though I am interested to hear how it went.

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