Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad Timing, Real Bad

Cleaning the Niner last night, getting it all prep'ed for BC - putting a new shifter cable on (it's 1x9 so I only need one), giving it a good clean and waxing (yep, I wax my bikes - helps keep the dirt off and makes it easier to clean later. Don't believe me - try it yourself). To my surprise I found this crack forming on the back side of the seat tube. It wasn't there the other day. How long will it take for 3mm to become an out of control crack? I don't know and don 't want to find out after I'm out in BC.

Hard to see the crack, but trust me - it's there!

A strange place to crack. If I had one race, one which I could bring a back up bike, I'd probably ride the Niner and deal with a warranty afterwards. Racing for seven stages, with huge mileage . . . . hmmmm, probably not a good idea. I've seen enough cracks in bikes to know how fast they can grow into huge problems.

I'd love to take the Jabberwocky, and even considered it. But it is totally unrealistic to ride single speed for seven days straight. I'd have to have a slew of rear cogs to match each stage, I know myself and I am a whimp - riding a geared 1x9 is going to be hard enough. It also wouldn't be fair to Curvy Butt who'd be waiting for me at the top of each climb as I hike-a-bike.

I'm hoping the boys at Tall Trees can sort this out with Niner and get me a replacement frame ASAP. It's too late in the game to be borrowing a bike (I fly out in 9 nine days!) , and most likely a 26'er (blah, phoooey, yuck) from someone. I want to ride what's comfortable and familiar - I wish I had a Bandersnatch (especially the new 'blood red' - beauty!) - it's the exact same geometry as the Jabber.

And to top it all off, the coffers are pretty much empty. This race and preparation for it has been more expensive than I could have imagined. To be honest, I'll be be scrapping by if I have to even pay for shipping of a new frame.

I've got hair to sell . . . .maybe that'll pay for it?!


Anonymous said...

Good luck in BC and in figuring your bike out. Will keep an eye out at HAN. I get to "play" during that race as I am not riding but just lounging around drinking beer. Have fun out West!

the original big ring said...

Thanks Mari!


Will trade for a kick ass steel 29'er geared specific frame!


King said...

Big Ring,

I know they are 26 inch but you can borrow either my Element or the Chromag if you need it for BCBR.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

So sorry to hear about your crack-cident...

Bad taste? I was going to wait to make this joke after it got resolved but I couldn't resist...I'm a jerk, I know.
Niner will come through! I just know it.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Oh dear, I feel bad about my joke. I'm sorry Big Ring. This is no laughing matter!!

the original big ring said...

Your killing me!

crack-cident . . . that's a good one. I laughed at your severed fork, you can laugh at my cracked frame.

Sick. I don't know what's going to happen with it or finding a replacement. Haven't heard boo tonight.

Anonymous said...

What wax you use, I've heard earwax does the job real good.