Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Ever hear the expression, "The higher the hair, the closer to God"?
If that's true, I may nearly be a saint.

My hair has been on my mind lately (get it?? . . . .on my mind?! on my head!?! Oh man, I slay myself sometimes!). I've been growing it for over a year now, the longest I've ever grown it. And I've had a lot of fun with it. Another expression, have you heard it? "Where there's hair, there's fun!"

I've thought of perhaps using my new doo to help me break into the public broadcast service (PBS) painting circuit. I hear there's a lot of money to be made whipping out oil paintings of country scenes. Only problem is I don't have a soothing voice, patience to paint or the skills. Though I am a damn fine finger painter (a prerequisite to be a teacher!).

I hear this guy is a real ladies man!

Speaking of 'ladies man' . . . . every woman loves a big, thick, healthy mustache, right?!
I could grow a stash. The one above is courtesy of my dog Jacks. He had to be brushed and I had to have some fun. It was a win/win situation.
I think I'm a much more handsome version than Tom Selleck.

Yes, I'd agree, he's got a much more square jaw - but I make up for that with my squeezable pudginess.

barber shop doo? . . . . OR . . . . "Hi, I'm here to take your daughter to the prom."

side view - wicked aerodynamics

Flock of Seaguls? Depressed? Depressed because I look like a member of Flock of Seagulls?

Jacks digs my hair

I got to do something with this mop on top. The thought of racing out in BC for seven days with this thing on my head is way too much. I could always ask Curvy Butt to brush it out every night in the tent as we recount the previous days stage. Weeeee, that sounds like a fun time! Is it me or is this race starting to sound more like "Brokeback Mountain"?

Mark: "I missed you"
Craig: "I missed you too. Could you brush my hair for me?"
Mark: "Love to!"

*If that didn't send a shudder down your spine, I don't know what will.*

Take your last gander kids at my lovely locks, cause it's coming off. Send your e-mail requests ladies (and gentle men too, if that's your thing) and I'll envelope a small handful of hair and send it out to you, forever yours to smell and touch. Lucky you!


MCF said...

The hair is awesome....

Anonymous said...

I hope you gave the stache back