Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Days Away

Picture this... one epic journey... two dedicated athletes working together and creating a bond that will last forever... three scenic ferry sailings... four mountain bike tires spinning toward a common goal... five mental breakdowns on your quest to the finish... six nights to meet new friends from across the globe... seven days of spectacular west coast mountain biking... and countless incredible tales of your legendary adventure that will keep you pumped for weeks to come!

With an epic route designed and endorsed by super endurance mountain bike racer, Andreas Hestler, BC Bike Race is in a class of its own. The lure of riding the best of BC's world-class mountain bike trails has already attracted a broad range of BC Bike Race competitors, from hardcore weekend warriors to some of the world's finest mountain bike stage racers.

So, grab a partner and join us...with the best singletrack in the world, and 96%+ racer completion rate, this is an experience you won't want to miss! It is the ultimate singletrack experience!

* Stolen from The BC Bike Race home page.

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