Monday, July 14, 2008

Last of the BC Photos

They've finally posted up all the photos that the official photographer took during the race on the BC site. Here's the link (clicky, clicky). I've been sick ever since the race and have had a little bit of time to kill, so I scrolled through most of them and found some to post up.

Day Zero

Dinner at Shawnigan Lake private school - 400 racers stuff their faces

Day One

aerial view of stage one start from Shawnigan Lake School

Bill and Jenny at the finish line after stage one in Lake Cowichan

stage one single track

stage one finish line - Lake Cowichan

tents set up in ball field

Day Two

Start of stage two - this was a controlled 10 km start which I was very thankful for because my legs were
fried from all the cramping I had the day before during stage one


Mark on a climb in the only little bit of single track that we hit on day two

Peter & Anthony grab their bags and make their way to the tents after stage two in Port Alberni

Kari and Tanya post stage two - long, dry, dusty stage (125 km of logging/fire roads)

Day Three

single track leading around a lake close to the finish in Cumberland

Curvy Butt

Day Four

we were woken up at 4:30am to make this ferry crossing

every morning this guy and this thing woke us up the same way

aerial view of the start of stage four - Earl's Cove

day four had some nice single track

beauty views

Day Five

we were flying day five . . . right up to the point where we took the wrong trail (along with another 20 or so riders) and lost a tonne of time. We made up for it on the last 13 km or so of killer single track

Day Six

Squamish start

photo of the volunteers - they were awesome and made this event happen. I don't know how they pulled off the level of enthusiasm for the whole seven days.

home while in Squamish, with the mountains as a backdrop

we killed it on stage six, by far our best stage of the race - so much wicked, gnarly single track that we just ate up.

Day Seven

start of stage seven - you can see the bottom of the hill that we'd end up climbing for nearly an
hour right off the gun at the start.

stuffing my face on stage seven


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Anonymous said...

Craig ~ congrats buddy, what an awesome adventure! I am sure you enjoyed that race to the max, looked like every ounce of sweat was worth all the preparation.

way to go!


ps - thanks for the Props about Nationals on your site.