Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clip Clop

I rode last Friday afternoon with Lenny out in SMH before heading out of town for the long weekend. I shot a few fffffotos and a couple vvvvvvid-E-Os. Thought I'd share.

Leonard on M-Line . . . or at least partially on M-Line.

Grasshopper, the way of the trail IS the trail.

Took this shot of a grasshopper on some rock while waiting for Lenny to get off his cell phone. Who takes their cell phone with them to answer calls while riding?!? Freak'in prima donna.

This is how you're supposed to stay on the trail Leonard. Disclaimer: Lenny ran behind me (sounded like a horse) as I rode Garter Belt . . . there are some adult words used in the video, by Lenny (I never swear - it's for the crude and dimwitted), so put yer ear muffs on if easily offended. I think he stepped in poo or got a stick in the eye, hence the potty mouth.

Clip clop goes Lenny Blair Witch style filming. That's him in the background yapping too.
Don't believe it when he says he's riding single handed.

Hard to believe that this newly paved road out at K2 was once the lead in trail
to the SMH trail network.

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