Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bacon, Kitty

On the way to the race this past weekend I drove on a road that I don't normally take while heading to Jeannie Beannie's place. As soon as I saw the sign I immediately hit the brakes. "Bacon Road"
Could such a place exist?
Just seeing the word 'bacon' makes my mouth begin to water like Pavlov's dog.

I rolled down the windows of the car expecting it to fill with the succulent aroma of bacon cooking, coming from a house made of bacon, sitting at the end of a street paved with bacon.
It reminded me of the Simpson's episode of Homer dreaming of himself in a town entirely made of chocolate. Yes, I really, really like bacon.

Alas, to my chagrin, it was only a name.
With my spirit crushed and drool on my chin, we slowly drove way.

On another note, I think that I have found a worthy substitute headbadge for my bike, for the time-being?

The Jabberwocky felt a little naked without one. Now normally I'm as comfortable as a pig in shit with stuff being naked. However, it just felt wrong going into the last mtn bike race of the season without a headbadge. "Here Kitty Kitty" did the job nicely and I give her 100% of the credit for me having a good race on Saturday. Meow.

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