Friday, September 26, 2008


Can't wait to put on my one piece skin suit.

It's been a crazy busy week. Wednesday night I had my first taste of what cyclocross is all about. I've always kind of admired and at the same time wondered about this strange 'cross' over (pun intended) sport. If roadies wanted to play in the mud and dirt, why not jump on some big fat mtn bikes? But who am I are to argue with fast, little skinny dudes who like to shave their legs?

The clinic was at Britannia Park and put on by the Ride With Rendal crew of riders. Many of the riders coaching us through varying aspects of CX have a ton of experience and knowledge, many have ridden overseas and in international CX events. Needless to say, I paid close attention (for a change) when they were speaking and demonstrating.

It seems to me that CX'ing is all about subtle techniques (and of course being able to go full out, 100%, for an hour) - how to set up a corner, staying off the brakes, proper mounting and dismounting of the bike and so on. I never gave roadies very much credit for being technical riders and I'm glad to have the chance to have my eyes opened. These guys know how to pick a line and carry a ton of speed through it.

Prior to attending the clinic I really didn't think that I'd like it that much. BUT, it was very cool and I am very excited to try my first race. Cyclocross has gotten HUGE here in Ottawa with attendance up to between 200 - 250 riders per race each weekend! Holy cow!

I did use the Jabberwocky and will probably have to use it for a while - I'm hoping for the new Vassago Fisticuff to show up on my door. It got a few looks from the 50 or so riders in attendance (mostly roadies), and most loved the bike and were asking all sorts of questions about it. I was only happy to oblige and spill the goods of the virtues of riding a 29'er, a single speed and a quality Vassago frame . . . . . and yes, I am now brown nosing . . . . it may help get me that Fisticuff sooner ; )


MCF said...

Craig on a Fisty......sounds pretty good huh?

I've got headbadges! So watch the mail!

the original big ring said...


You da bomb!

Anonymous said...

werd up my brother Craig! so soon to be pappa is taking up Cx, AWESOME! see you Sunday Stud!


Sandro said...

Cyclo cross is so popular here in Belgium, during the autumn/winter there is 2/3 a week a race. There is always a huge crowd that watch the pro-races. Sven Nys (top cyclocross) combines cyclocross /mountainbike (only last 2years) and was 9th on the olympic games mountainbike 2008. Fontana also a cyclocrosser was 5th in Beijing.