Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Up until yesterday morning all I had to go by of what our
baby looks like was this little ditty that I cooked up.

Nope, no helmet, itty bitty shoes or even a bike in there. Just this little alien like creature growing at a rapid rate.

Four and a half months in and this is what we have to show for my wife's one night of weakness, and giving up to me hounding her. Isn't he/she awesome?! Half a pound of perfection. Nothing in the world like seeing your baby for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Next emotional step is listen her/his heart beating.
It's super fast more than 200bpm, and it's YOUR baby,you are listening.

MCF said...

Now you have to start feeling the kicking in the next month or two!!! that's awesome. Then seeing it roll across your wife's belly! Total alien-like!

Congrats....I was trying to see if it's a boy or girl...damn it!

Peter M said...

200bpm? Finn came in at 180 and that was on the high end. Of course his 40 year old father still hits 205...

She (that's a prediction) looks just like you. I just had a chat with Finn that he should be nice to her so when he's a teenager she'll still ride the trails with him. He said "garrrrr."

Finn and I also I had a great discussion about the propeties of titanium today. He fell asleep.

Little Ring Racing is going to have to start collecting sponsors.


the original big ring said...

Peter, I just hope that Finn takes on more of Anita's characteristics. ; )

Little Ring Racing represents!

auntie puppy said...

she looks just like her auntie puppy :)!!

Anonymous said...

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