Friday, October 17, 2008

Prize Give Away Update - Keep'em coming!

I'm getting tonnes of e-mails with answers. Wicked. I've got lots of loot, so keep them coming. Joao - how come you haven't played?! I've got an international postal stamp with your name on it! Same for you my friend from Belgium?

So everyone is going to get something cool, but what's even better is Misty from the best damn 29'er company on the planet (they run a neck & neck for best in the universe with another shop on Nebulous 3, but that's another post), has generously provided me (it's on it's way) with this wicked Vassago t-shirt to give away to the reader of my choice:

Big props to Misty for doing this. I didn't ask, didn't expect it . . . . how's that for a company treating it's rider?! Just freak'in wicked.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I Can't wait, unfortunatly it's weekend...
On Monday I'll sleep by the mailbox!