Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tap . . . .

. . . . as in Power Tap.

I'm a sucker for trends in cycling. I'll admit it. I've got nothing to hide. I'm a chump. I'm a bandwagon lover. So be it.
  • 29'ers came out . . . . I had to have one.
  • 24 Hr solos were all the rage . . . . I had to do them.
  • Single speeding became cool . . . . I had to do it.
  • EPO was the drug of choice . . . . I had to get me some. (that's not true, of course)
And I've gone and done it again. Training with power. "EVERYONE" is doing it. So I jumped on the expensive power tap bandwagon and bought me one. Call me a sucker, call me a fool.

Alas, I have had two friends over the past two seasons who have used them and made H-U-G-E gains. Hard to debate it when you see it first hand. There's also a ton of literature, which I've been reading over the past year, about the pros (and very few cons) of training with a power meter. All the pros use them too, and if the pros use something you know it's got to be good for you. Take EPO for example, but I digress.

If I have to sit in my basement this winter and spin, I may as well have a new toy to keep me occupied. Personally I'd rather be outside, but what's a guy to do when the city you live in gets 12 feet of snow over the course of four months?! I'm pretty excited and looking forward to taking advantage of every time I jump on the trainer and get quality training. Training based on heart rate alone is so 90's. I'm going to look so cool with a power tap under me!

Each year I've stepped up my riding and racing. It seemed to me only logical to go the next step. Maybe in another season I'll have quit my day job, got
ten a full time coach, masseuse and dietitian to follow me around trying to make me a better rider. Man, they'd earn their money trying!

As for being a trend following whore-bag . . . . well, that's sort of true. I don't think it's a bad thing. All of those things listed above I still do (except for the EPO . . . but if you know a source, please e-mail me some info), enjoy and see myself continuing to do. Does that make me a poser, wanna-be, trend follower? Meh. Think what you want, I could give a rat's ass. If I hadn't of tried them I would never of found out how awesome they all are. Give me status quo and I'll give you a mouth full of bloody chiclets.

Now I got to go iron my acid wash bell bottom jeans so that I can go hula-hooping later.

*anyone not knowing who the above trio is??


Sandro said...


Didn't know that one, still I prefer the SRM crank, ok it cost more around +2000$, but you don't have to redo your wheel.

Ciao and enjoy your new toy.

the original big ring said...

Sandro, it's all ready built up - no need to tear apart a wheel or build a new one. Just swap over the cassette. Yes, the SRM is very nice indeed - but I don't have that kind of cash laying around, in the bank, or anywhere! I got a really good deal on the Power Tap (it was a demo).

Anonymous said...

hey buddy!!!

you will enjoy your new toy, I guarantee it! you will see the benefits come spring for sure...think about it, imagine using a whole hour to ride at 1 avg wattage, as an example of course, but when you combine the ability to actually measure your activity, you have infinite possibilities. what happens after the winter is when you notice all the non-pedalling time, and your body adjusts to riding outside again, but the indoor time is a necessary evil, but so valuable, if you do it right. with a new born on the way, you are on YOUR way to happy times.

the SRM is a "nice to have" but you can do the same job with the powertap. use it all the time, if you can...we'll talk!

I'll be in Kanata on Sunday, Kate is sick, and we're not going to Barrie this weekend, see you Sunday!!


Sandro said...

No it really looks cool, but I have a few wheelsets with different tires, if I install something like that I know I won't be using the other wheelsets ;-). Btw I don't have a srm. The only payable solution for me is the Polar power meter for my S710.