Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Windy Autumn Road Ride

It's been nutty, to say the least, at work the past two weeks. It's only October and I already feel burnt out from teaching. Not a good sign. It's been a struggle lately. Like summer turning to fall (awwww, isn't that nice!), it's time for a change . . . . and change I must!

So today, I skipped out of work as soon as the nutbars left. Spun my legs like a mad man, on my beater commuter bike, to get home so I could get ready to go out on my road bike to spin my legs like a mad man. Was out the door and on my way into the Gats, which I am blessed to have so close to home - only a 20 minute bike ride and I'm in the woods.

I usually take the foot path into the park, avoiding the road. It was completely covered by leaves and it seemed more like a mine field - sticks, acorns, pine and spruce cones lay hidden waiting to throw you from the bike.

beauty parkway

the wind was absolutely crazy blowing today - wind gusts up to 40km/hr
it swirled and twirled all around me, it would be a wicked headwind one second, the next it was behind me

view from Champlain look off

view from below along the parkway
notice the sexy bare legs? it was beautiful out today, 22 degrees in October!

Ottawa skyline as seen on the last little descent coming into Gameline

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I love the leaf photo.
your love