Friday, December 19, 2008

Feelings of Appreciation

At times I question why I am blogging/posting and why anyone would want to read what I write. The other day I got a very nice e-mail which answered that question. Every now and then I get an e-mail from someone who reads my blog and it's nice. Sometimes it's from someone asking me to put my clothes back on, other times it's someone asking me to take them off. It's nice to know someone finds what I am posting interesting in some form or another.

I blog for the same reason I read other bloggers: to experience and share in others experiences what is bike related. I try to keep an element of humor, share my ups and downs, tech and training, throw in some non-bike related stuff now and again, and support the companys who provide me with some kick ass products. I enjoy reading different bloggers for different reasons - some are informative, some funny, some live a totally different lifestyle than I do. For all the reasons I read blogs I come away with a new experience, which nine times out of ten I really enjoy.

Thanks for the letter Blair and I hope you don't mind me sharing . . . . I do so not to toot my horn that someone other than me reads what I write, but in appreciation of someone taking the time to let me know that they like my blog. I guess I'll keep typing away. Cheers!


Hello. My name is Blair. I came across your blog(via Dicky's blog) and wanted to drop you a note. Your blog is great. Good reading/pics/race reports. I have been riding/racing since 91 and can appreciate your content/passion for riding. The Desalvo is a beautiful machine. Jacks is a beautiful dog and great buddy(I am sure). One of my best friends has the same dog(just a little smaller than Jacks).

I ride/race FS/SS mtn, road and cx--so I am glad that I came upon your blog. I will make it a daily read. I am always stoked to see/read the passion that people have for the simple pleasure of riding. I was really digging the BC race and North Carolina ride reports. I live in Georgia--about 4 hours south of where you guys rode in North Carolina. Western North Carolina has some great riding. Pisgah and Dupont National Forests are great!. Going to session up there in a few weeks.

Anyway..just wanted to say thanks for a great blog. Keep the fire burning. Have a great holiday and Happy New Year.
Have a kick ass race season next year too!

Great pic of the double cheeseburger. Nothing like a HUGE protein fix--after a hard ride.



Anonymous said...

take your clothes off

Blair said...

Right on! Keep it in the big ring. As you said--it is about sharing experiences. Let the good times roll. Have a great weekend. It is almost 70 here in the Atl--so there will some good riding this weekend!

Golonghardman said...

Send that guy a Vassago T-shirt.

Put your clothes back on for Chrissake!