Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Misty's Dumb Tag Game

If you read the one and only comment on my post yesterday, you would have seen Misty 'tagging' me? WTF! It's Jackie Boy's birthday - she could have at least wished him happy birthday.

I hate shit like this. E-mail chain letters, soppy stories of some one's long lost family member being reunited with them, a telling tale of wisdom being passed along from one generation to another, animated e-mails with some 'moral of the story' bullshit . . . . I'll have nothing to do with any of it. As soon as my original big ring spidy senses start tingling, I hit the delete button.

Alas, I cannot pass up an opportunity to make fun of myself. So I'll play your game Misty, I ain't going to go tagging no body else though.

Here's the deal: If you're tagged you have to list six random things about yourself that most people do not know, and then tag six other bloggers (but like I said, I ain't doing that second part - that just pisses people off). Here you go:

One: I get hit on by the ladies all the time.

Two: I like to take baths. Here I am in the smallest bath tub in all of France this past summer.

Three: I like to dress in women's clothing.

Four: I really do like my hair this way.

Five: I'd like to grow a kick ass mustache like Magnum P.I.

Six: I'm shy. Really.

Notes on me:
  • Photo # one - yes, I am sticking my belly out as far as I can, I actually weighed 183lbs in that picture.
  • Photo #2 - is the one real thing about me here - I do like taking baths!
  • Photo # three - pre-tattoos.
  • Photo # five - that mustache is really some of Jacks hair all rolled up.
  • Photo # six - I really am shy. Honest. (see photo #2 foot note)

1 comment:

MCF said...

You're awesome Craig! :) I was tagged by Brendan at Siren Bicycles.....so I had to get you - I knew you'd have the best stuff!

Happy Birthday Jackie!!!! Sorry!