Saturday, February 21, 2009

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No Sign of Cycling

I don't often read the newspaper (partly because I'm illiterate, partly because I don't have the time), but yesterday I had a brief opportunity to thumb through it.

Most of the Ottawa Citizen had coverage of Obama's visit to our nation's capital - which was pretty cool as he left a very positive impact on the people of the city, and the country for that matter, with his short visit.

I was more interested in the sports section. I grew up playing hockey, played at a serious and competitive level here in Canada and overseas and am a HUGE Leafs fan (yes, despite the Leafs sucking I am still a fan), so I try to still follow what's going on in the league.

There is no shortage of hockey coverage - today is in fact Hockey Day in Canada - we are a nation which embraces and loves our game.

What blows me away is the lack of cycling coverage in Canadian media. Perhaps it is because we are a nation covered in snow for 11 months of the year, we live in igloos, eat whale blubber, we put our elderly on ice flows to die, and our climate doesn't allow for us to participate in sports outside the winter realm. Reading the sports section of the paper yesterday pissed me off - every winter sport in the world covered, every junior, midget, bantam, pee wee and atom hockey team in Canada has their season statistic printed, the International Dart League covered, and the seasons preview of the Lawn Bowlers league are all in there . . . . everything BUT cycling. Does anyone in the Canadian sports media even know that there is a world class cycling event taking place right now in North America?!?

The cycling section in the Ottawa citizen in one word is LAME.

Birth Poll Results:
42% of people taking part in the poll believe that we will be having a baby girl before our due date on March 3rd. Close behind, a baby boy at 32% of the votes, also before our due date. Time will tell, and here's to hoping it's either or boy or a girl.

Fat is Where It's At
I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can't seem to drop any weight like I did last year. This time last year I was already down to about 185 lbs, from a whopping 206 lbs on Boxing Day. I can't seem to make a dent on my flabby torso (right now I sit at about 195lb'ish). I'm doing everything right - healthy food, proper portions, no 3 AM peanut butter sandwich runs, lots of training . . . . I just don't get it.

I do believe that I have put on muscle, which we all know is heavier than fat, over the past few months. Measuring and training with wattage in my correct power zones using the PowerTap I think has really helped and is probably one of the reason for the muscle gain. Also, my regular (two or three times a week) core body workouts and leg strength work is putting on some muscle.

I'm also starting to give up the hope that I will have a slim, ripped body which is completely suited to riding. I've never in my entire lifetime been even close to having a ripped, lean body - so why would I now, at the ripe old age of 36 (37 in March - just in case you want to send presents), think that I would/could have such a body!?

Acceptance is the answer! I just don't have the genetic make up (but then again, I don't have the talent either . . . I mostly get by on sheer enthusiasm). So, I've decided to do my best and see what happens and stop obsessing about my weight. That's not to say that I'll be parking my ass in front of the bakery on a regular basis (maybe occasionally), but I'm going to keep on keeping on with what I am doing - I'm recovering well from my rides, I feel good . . . . and gosh darn it, people like me.

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Matt Spak said...

After I washed the dog sled I picked up our local paper and there was no cycling coverage either. Lots of curling though.

Oh and the Leafs will win the cup next year.

Next year never comes