Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kick'n it

Check it out . . . . pretty freaky . . . .

. . . . this baby wants out! What's he/she doing in there??
This little creature is very active in the evening. Chris caught him/her on the camera last night while laying on the couch.

**P.s. Still no baby! It's having too much fun on the trampoline, called Chris' bladder.

P.p.S.s. It's also Chris' BIRTHDAY today - Happy Birthday Chrissie! Love you!


Anonymous said...

My daughter only came out one week after the 9 month.
Hi Chris happy birthday!
Next Sunday on the 15th, will be my birthday!

Jerome said...

That's great! I remember my wifes belly getting all crazy like that. My first 2 (boys) were both late.....My 3rd (little girly girl) was early.

Happy Birthday Chris!

Matt Spak said...

Happy Birthday Chris. I think your baby is going to be as stubborn as your husband.

Unknown said...

I hope it is a happy birth day for both of you!!

Big Bikes said...

Hey man, thanks for the invite.
Don't know if I'll actually make it up that far north...and west. But if I do, I will definitely give you a holler.

You coming out to SSWC?


the original big ring said...

SSWC - if I had a way out there I'd go in a minute!
Ever ride Kingdom Trails in Vermont? We ride there quite a bit - next time we're heading down will give you a shout - good times in Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Hum!!! One day with no posting??!!!
I guess today was the big day!!!

planetseb said...

Hey happy belated b-day to Chris! And great 'lil video!

Today is the 15th.. maybe baby by now?


gwadzilla said...

that baby was trying to find her way out!