Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stan's Booger

I was working on the bikes Sunday and decided to swap out my dry Fall tires for a wet'ish Spring single track tire on my Stan Arches. I carefully pulled off the tires that I was running in the Fall, half expecting that the sealant would be semi dried up - however, it was not at all. And the tires were still sealed and holding pretty much the same pressure I had been running in them last - impressive!

So I go about cleaning the tires out, I pour out the old sealant and I find this stuck on
the bottom of the inside of the tire . . . .

It looks like a tiny piece of coral from a reef . . . . or a big white booger.

Booger I say.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

judging from the cloth that you have there stating that the fun is between your legs.
I'm kinda wondering if you are hosting a swingers club or something.
In which case, it may be a part of someone's shorts?