Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wakefield - Cantley Loop

Hooked up with Curvy Butt yesterday, which had to be the nicest day of the year so far. Beauty day, fifteen degrees, sunny, and calm. Perfect for a long, slow ride. I chose to ride the rolling hills on the Quebec side to get some climbing in - it's flatlands in and around Ottawa.

We rolled up to Gameline just to check on the state of the entrance to the park. Looking good, but still a ways to go before we can get anywhere into the Gats.

But on a positive note, Demsis is ceasing grooming for the season. Yay! This will help the snow go faster.

Curvy Butt had to bail about 35 kms into the ride as he had a function to get to in the late afternoon. I continued on by my lonesome . . . . one is the loneliest number.

Climbing to the top of Chemin De la Riviere a sign told me to stop and practice my Kar-ate moves.

So I did.
At the drop of a hat I can open a can of kar-ate whoop-ass.

Covered bridge in Wakefield.
Fun to jump off this in the summer and go swimming in the current.

Still lots of snow at Edelweiss. Not too many skiing/boarding - conditions didn't look that good.

Crossing over the river in Gatineau and climbing back up to the 105 that would put me into Chelsea, I heard a "TWANG". Snapped a spoke. Phooey. Had a wobbly front wheel for the rest of the ride home.

Much harder while riding outside on the road to keep the power fluctuations evenly distributed, as compared to on the trainer,
while using the PowerTap.

Perhaps it was my first long'ish ride with significant amount of hills, or I haven't finished fighting through being run down this past week . . . . either way, I did not feel very strong at all today. I managed to keep an average power wattage in the middle to top of my endurance range despite not 'feeling' spunky. Still, what a fantastic ride!

Wakefield - Cantley Loop = 100km.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

nice pic of the covered bridge!

Anonymous said...

Nice route!
Was out that way Saturday.
Still a bit of salt in spots...
I'm still on my crap cx ride for now.

Until today. No more salt.