Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Race Report Attempt

Did anyone ever say that fatherhood, husbandhood, family hood, living in the hood was easy? It ain't. The past few days have been nutty busy. I haven't had time to fart, let alone get much done. Okay, that may be an exaggeration - I have been farting.

My bikes and workshop in complete disarray.

Two bikes covered in mud (one still from last weekend's race!), two in pieces, and a messy workshop - proof that my life is tad bit unmanageable right now. This whole being a dad and family guy thing is completely humbling. I admire any dude that can hang in there and get it all done, and at the same time I can totally understand the guy who goes out for milk and doesn't come home. Fugg me. Does it get easier?!?

Anyway . . . enough of feeling sorry for myself. It can't be that bad if I am sitting in front of the computer hammering out a race report for you to read. So let's get on with it shall we . . . .

EDIT: this was initially the lead-into for my race report. I got going and got going some more. It's turning out longer than I want and I'm pooped. Sorry, but I got to go to bed. Promise to finish it up for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

"the guy who goes out for milk and doesn't come home"


It only gets better when you have 2 of them... having 1 will create great havoic on one's life! With 2, they play with one another.
Then you have more time to play with yourself :)

(opps, I meant play outside!)

A dangerous point in the marriage though (all depends on your wife), when the kids hit age 3. The wife is busy busy busy carring for the little ones. But, then comes independence time when the young ones don't need much attention.
Typically, the male is off doing his thing (just like the good ol days - out hunting...). The wife gets bored.

Happened to me - wife went looking for an extra curricular buddy. She found some deli man. And, me stuck with the bills.

Cycling takes up a lot of one's time and is highly addictive. Just be aware of critical points in the cycle of marriage and child rearing and you'll be okay.

Don't, and you'll be stuck paying the bills for some other guy and the x-wife.

best to spend some quality time with the family first...

my lesson learnt the hard way.

Anonymous said...

just to clarify - it ain't always the guys fault. Yet, our society always blames the guy.

I can't tell you the numerous stories of women cheating on men.
And, just last day I heard a good one - someone's kid was dating some girl. He broke off the relationship. Her and her friends trashed his place, stole everything - even the damn dog!
Cops just kind of shrugged it off...

ain't always the male to blame.

Bandobras said...

Well aside from the obvious problems such as marriage breakdown, insanity, and helmet hair, yes it does get easier. By the time the children are in their thirties you'll have it all figured out.
Ps Don't forget to enjoy the trip. It's the best one there is.

Anonymous said...

Does it get better? Ha!!! I know that everybody always says that one day you'll wake up and your kid will be all grown up. Those are the touchy feely people that give out hugs on the street corner. The real world reality is that one day you'll wake up and all of a sudden you'll be in the 45-49 age group. Little punks on their xc rigs will be lining up beside you saying "sir, perhaps you shouldn't be lining up at the front." You'll wonder what happened to your last 15 years on the bike, and how your body got so much fatter in such a short period of time. Dude, that's the reality that the "I love you, you love me" parents will never tell you about, because they never had it in the first place.

Sleep? fuggetaboutit!!!
Quiet time? Yeah right.

Life's over man. You're only going to get slower. But, there are a few things to look forward to. In another 15 years, you can start racing again guilt free because the little fart will be out doing there own thing and won't need babysitting.

Anonymous said...

Yup, by 2024 you should get your free time back.

the original big ring said...

I appreciate the positive things to look forward to fellas - cheers!

Anonymous said...

Baby puke...nuff said.

rick is! said...

hang in there, it kinda gets easier