Friday, May 29, 2009


Looking for a new mtn bike mag to keep you occupied? Have a look at The Soiled Chamois' new magazine, XXC. You can download it or read it on-line, and it's free!


Jason said...

Thanks man. Soon the mag will retail for $19.99, yest just $19.99. Kidding of course. Hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

was reading his blog...

First time I've missed the M100 in 3 years.
Great race.
Looooooong drive. Hate the drive down there.
Love the race though.

Get to see all the oil fields that have dried up in Ohio.

Don't go to this race if its wet. You end up black! Some of the race takes place on an old rail line. It is covered in black coal stuff... so, when wet, you end up covered in black crap.

But, some good eats, good folks, good 166km race!!!
One of my favourites out of all the hundred milers

the original big ring said...

No worries Jason - you've got a great magazine there!