Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday saddle time

Sunday I was riding up the gates in the park to meet up with some of the Tall Tree fellas for a long'ish ride in the park. On the way up I picked up a Cyclery rider, Jay (I think that was his name?), who decided to join us. Five us headed out, making our way up to Chelsea via the fifteen. Matt lead out and set a pace that is more like my race pace. It was only 9 am'ish and I was already sweating buckets on this humid, hot day. I was burning too many matched too early. Visions of cramps danced in my head.

Once at Chelsea, we hooked up with the Vegan Vagabond and Paul to go ride some trails in Chelsea - rooty, rocky technical trails with some nice flow. Had the opportunity to ride some new trails that I hadn't ridden before, which were a lot of fun.

I was so tired, sweaty and hot when I took this picture . . . . it accurately portrays the blurred vision I was having at the time.

Double culverts under the highway leading us to some undisclosed trails.

Rode from O'Brien down to the Meech Lake boat launch to dip our legs and heads into the refreshing water. Might have been a bad idea for Thom . . . . see below.

As we started our long climb up the forty a doe and her fawn crossed in front of us on the trail.


On the number one heading towards Champlain

Thom fought a good battle trying to hold off the cramps . . . they eventually got him.

All said and done, from my place and return I got in 90 km'ish. I had planned to get in a much longer ride (for the August sufferfest that is looming around the bend) . . . . well, 'planned' . . . . poor choice of words. Cause if I had 'planned' it, I probably would have done it. Leaving the house with one cliff bar, five cliff block cubes, no money and 2.5 litres of water and trying to fit in 120-140 kms . . . . that's not very good planning. Stoopid.

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Andy said...

Hey man, nice shot of my ass going under the highway. Anyway, after I bid farewell to you at O'Brien I cruised down to Fortune just in time to watch the DH race. I doubt I would have made it up the #40 climb at that point... you guys were machines!

PS check your email I want to buy a BB