Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hit and run

Five cyclist hit and run this morning before 8 am. Just fucking brutal.
Say a prayer for them.
Story here.

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Anonymous said...

My two kids use to meet up with Robert Wein every so often at the condo corp pool in the east end of ottawa.
He really wanted to get his kids into the kids of steel race.

If this guy doesn't recover. I'm going to offer to take his kids (along with mine) to the next kids of steel race.
It is the least I can do.

We should all be doing something for them as a community.

All I hear is "damn cyclists" or "cyclists this... and that"..
A sign of the times - people in a rush to no place fast.
The ME society.

I've even seen it on a couple of sites - safety first bull shit.
Then we have these "racer" type cycling advocates... like we need those people representing us. Those that are on the trainer most of their time away from it all. Just as bad as those in their vehicles 80% of their life...
I hear things like - we don't need more bike lanes.
Don't make a fuss over getting hit, it was your fault.
Don't run a red, hey if someone wants to run a red and takes the chance so be it... if they get hit then they take the consequences of doing so. We don't need to be over policed on that bull shit... we get enough bull shit from bad/horrible/ignorant drivers.
Then we get it double take from the cycling community. Mostly the "racer" types that barely hit busy roads...

These folks were doing everything they could. Then some f-n careless, mindless, moron, stupid ass hit them for no good ignorant f-d up reason.
I've seen it 100 times before. People like that. It is just a small percentage of the population that is like that thank god. It must be the child rearing they received or something - none.

Anyhow, god bless. And, I am wishing them a full recovery. Probably not though... how does one recover fully from that.
And, god bless the families of these people. The kids that may have to live with an altered parent. Bless that...
(I don't believe in a god, maybe there is something out there... we are merely just another creature inhabiting this planet. But, if there is something of a greater being... I surely hope it provides some relief to the pain these 5 have and will suffer)

F-n shame. Shit like this shouldn't be happening in the 20 century. We seem to be still ape like creatures in some sense...